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Officials News May 2020

The big news as of the latter part of May is the easing of some of the Covid 19 Government restrictions, allowing us to socialise more easily and pursue some of our interests at long last. How this is to reflect on the resumption of Motorsport and our role as officials is yet to be determined, with our Competition Committee eager and ready to act as soon as possible to formulate a Competition calendar for the remainder of the year .

Our role as officials will look different from now on, to fit in with Government restrictions and recommendations, so It is worth having a look at the Motorsport Australia website for the changes to competitors, officials and event organisers procedures.
On the Motorsport Australia website click on the Covid 19 tab follow the Officials section with resources and responsibilities.
Also, it is worth reading the Return to Race document to fully understand the forthcoming changes for us as officials.

Given our free time, l suggest you check the expiry date on your Officials licence and Working With Children card.  The Motorsport Australia Members portal clearly shows the date range of both your Officials and Competition licence. If your expiry is pending, it will clearly state RENEW, giving you the opportunity to easily update your license online. The plastic license card will be sent to you by Motorsport Australia in due course.

The photos below are a "blast from the past", with the start line duo of Wayne Hunter and Peter Wilson at the 2009 Historic and Classic Hillclimb. The second photo is from the 2006 Somerton Motorkhana. Any guesses who the young bloke sitting at the table is?

(Previous) Officials News April 2020

With the outlook seeming a little more positive on the Covid -19 front, we all hope to see the return of some sort of normal life not too far down the track. No doubt you all have your homes and MG’s looking immaculate with plenty of time to do all those maintenance tasks on the ‘’must get to“ list.

Over recent weeks you will have seen various requests for officials to join the MSCA Flag Marshalling team. Thank you to those who have already put up their hand to participate, but a few more would be appreciated by the MSCA to spread the load and ensure the continued success of these events.
For those not already aware, the diverse MGCC Club Competition calendar is dependent on the MSCA providing sprint events at Victorian motor racing tracks. Our competitors enjoy a chance to experience these iconic tracks and would appreciate your efforts as a Flag Marshall.
Well known MGCC member Ken Price is the Vice President of the MSCA and has provided a description of a typical day as a Flag Marshall at an MSCA sprint day.   
’The MSCA is planning to provide a jacket for all our flaggies, firstly for protection, and secondly as identification to others that they are one of the valuable volunteers.
You would need to bring a hat, sunglasses, clothing appropriate to the weather conditions and a portable chair.  Suggest also sunscreen if it’s hot and a small esky with some drinks.
The “survival pack” will consist of a drink and some snacks.  Most of the flag posts around the tracks now are covered.  On really hot days we do water drops from time to time.  Lunch is supplied and you come in for that. You can drive to their flag points as long as it can be parked out of harm’s way.
You would need to be at the track, having signed on and collected your radio and flag kit in time for an officials briefing at 08.10.  You would go out on track by 08.45 in time for a radio check at 08.55 and then cars on the track at 09.00.
You will come in for lunch for 45 mins at approx. 12.30 / 1.00.  The on track stuff finishes at 5.00 pm.’
As you can see, the day will be familiar to our trackside officials, and full training will be provided to both the experienced and those new to this type of event.
If you have any questions or queries, please contact Ken Price at or Greg White at



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